Through Cornell University's Department of City and Regional Planning's New
Orleans Planning Initiative I am investigating community greening and resilience
concepts within the context of rebuilding New Orleans, especially the 9th Ward.  I
am working broadly with a
team of other CRP faculty and students on the initial
phase of this project.

A 9th Ward neighborhood gardener's home Post-Katrina

Products of the team include:

Project Research Summary

Project Report-Executive Summary

Project Report

Project Powerpoint Presentation

Project Poster #1

Project Poster #2

Pre-Katrina Upper 9th Ward Park Service Area Poster

Post-Katrina Upper 9th Ward Park Service Area Poster

Community Gardens Options for the 9th Ward Poster

"What is a community garden?" primer

"How to start a community garden in the 9th Ward" primer

Urban Community Land Trusts primer

"What is Civic Agriculture?" primer

"What is Urban Community Forestry?" primer

Urban Soils primer
Boat in Parking Lot
Months after the hurricane,
there is much basic clean-up
to accomplish..
Lower 9th Ward Community
Garden in Ruins
This community garden was
in the path of the worst
New Orleans Field and Applied Work
"Resilient Green" -- Green Security Project
Common Ground
Click here
WorldWatch Publication
On Katrina
Individual Further Research:
Community Forestry Fellows Pre-Dissertation Proposal 2007
Community Forestry Pre-Dissertation NOLA Poster 2007
Community Forestry Pre-Dissertation NOLA Powerpoint 2007
National Urban Community Forestry
Advisory Council (NUCFAC)Challenge
Grant Proposal 08
Community Forestry Dissertation Fellow Poster 2008