The Cornell Communities and Urban Forests Program is an extension and applied
research program within
Cornell University's Department of Natural Resources.  
The focus of the program is increasing understanding about the important role of
community forestry in urban contexts to build social and ecological resilience to
disturbances such as natural disasters, climate change, or other  events.  The
program also aims to  increase awareness about the many psychological, social,
and environmental benefits of maintaining, expanding, and protecting the urban

Current Research & Extension  Projects                                           

CCSF - Urban Trees for Sustainable Cities Project

Trees, Rebirth & Resilience- Post-Katrina New Orleans Project

UNESCO-URBIS The Urban Biosphere Project

SRC- The Urban Atlas Project



Useful Links    
Cornell DNR Extension

Cornell Urban Horticulture Institute

Other Cornell Community Forestry Resources

Cornell Initiative for Civic Ecology

NYC Million Trees Research

Cornell Initiative for Civic Ecology

Stockholm Resilience Center Urban Theme
About CCUF
Cornell Communities & Urban Forests (CCUF) Program
For more information, contact:
kgtidball at cornell dot edu
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