S.C.I.-Links Consulting
Science Collaboration International
Keith G. Tidball, PhD

Keith G. Tidball founded S.C.I. - Links Consulting in 2001. His areas of expertise include natural resources management in post-
conflict and post-disaster, international research and scientific exchanges, international agricultural and natural resources
development,  environmental security and conflict resolution, urban ecology, community greening, community resilience, and land use


Tidball has been working with
Cornell University's Department of Natural Resources since 2003. He  co-founded and served as
Associate Director of the
Civic Ecology Lab for ten years, working to connect people with nature in urban contexts for purposes of
education, community restoration and regeneration, and biodiversity conservation. He currently leads a team called
SPEAR4, and is
an anthro-ecologist serving as a Senior Extension Associate member of the faculty. He focuses on the dynamics of natural resource
management in the context of disasters
, war, and other cirsisv. Experiences in the military and in the field of  international disaster
response and relief inform his unique brand of applied scholarship, including stints throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas. Tidball’s
doctoral work focused  on the role of community based natural resource management in Post-Katrina resilience of New Orleans, and
he continues to work in post-disaster contexts, as well as in disaster  readiness, resilience, and response. Current work includes
documentation and investigation of community based natural resource management in so-called “Red Zones.” He also  studies how
outdoor recreation contributes to and enhances resilience and recovery for returning combatants, and provides leadership for national
extension programs dealing with  veterans and military families, and with disaster education for communities.

Prior to his work at Cornell, Tidball worked in Washington  DC at the
US Department of Agriculture as an International Affairs
Specialist in the
Foreign Agriculture Service's Office of International Cooperation and Development.

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